Diaper Dreams

17 Sep 2010 by Emily, 9 Comments »

Our anonymous submitter tells us that after receiving a message from Zorro9658
she decided to check out his profile. Everything seems normal at first – there’s just that tiny mention of  ‘a fetish’ right down there at the very end. So, curious, she messages him back asking about it.

He replies:

you asked for it…. lol

Have a seat.

When I was in third grade, an exchange student was introduced to our class. It was on March 8th (my birthday), and I had just turned nine. She was the tiniest little thing I had ever seen. She was terribly shy.

I walked up to her on her first day and introduced myself. I found out inside of about 20 seconds why she was so terribly shy. She was incontinent. Completely incontinent.

I didn’t know the word “incontinent” in third grade, but that’s what she was, and she wore a diaper all the time. She was so embarrassed to have told me, and she begged me not to tell anyone. I told her not to worry. I would say nothing to anyone, and I offered her a seat next to me at lunch.

She was new and knew no one at all. (That has to be one of the worst moments of a new student’s day when they get their tray of food and then look for a seat in the lunchroom.)

I think it was at lunch that somebody discovered she was wearing a diaper. She was wearing a little red poka-dotted country dress on that day. Somehow her diaper became visible, and my Lord … I can still hear them teasing her. The entire lunchroom soon knew. She was mortified, completely crushed. I remember the tears streaming down her face. She could hardly swallow her food. It was horrible.

She was particularly nervous on days when she wore dresses, for obvious good reason. In that time, I began to not only care for this girl and her condition, but I sort of became her protector … her caregiver, if you will.

We went out to recess after that, and she was still beside herself. I walked over to her and asked her if she was all right. She just stood there crying her eyes out, and then an emotion came over me that made me take her in my arms. I hugged her, and she balled into my chest.

Then some kids (some of which were close friends of mine) came over and started teasing her again, and I lost it. I started screaming back at everybody to stop. They wouldn’t.

No one ever got to know her, and she & I became joined at the hip. I even told the teacher to put move me next to her.

And that was her experience at the school, and in her everyday life. She and her family moved away in June and I never saw her again, but from that experience, I developed the desire to be a caregiver. It took several years before I pieced together what I felt from that experience, but I know I really wanted to take care of her.

And it wasn’t until I was 22 that I discovered “infantilism” on the internet. I researched it for years, found a bazillion websites titled as having ABDL content (Adult Baby Diaper Lover).

I looked for her all over the internet, and couldn’t find her. It was a long shot that she had found some sort of “peace” with her condition or even enjoyment from it. She must have had a horrible childhood because of it, but I was always hopefully that she found some sort of relief.

I never found her, but realized that a part of my heart, a very large part of my heart belonged to that girl. How she made me feel and how I made her feel turned into a “bond” that was inseparable.

Nowadays, I can summarize my interest in it best with: For me “it’s about a girl in a diaper and the guy who takes care of her.”

I believe this life experience to be the reason why I’m a “Daddy” at heart.

There are so many things creepy about this. A fetish is a fetish, but to go searching for a poor traumatised girl you once knew when you were 9 because you’d like her to wet herself around you again?! She’s probably spent the last couple of years trying to forget all about that time of her life. I doubt she’s reenacting it, especially as the infantilism fetish is more about being looked after and cared for, not laughed at and bullied.

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  1. Dan says:

    Great story, too bad he’s a serial killer.

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  2. Lorrie says:

    I’ve seen this kind of thing before featured in columns like Savage Love or Dear Abby. Not Infantilism, that’s a pretty tame fetish as far as it goes, but douchebags who use advice columns, online dating sites, blogs, or any other social media they have access to in order to tell their kink as a story. That’s the fetish-subjecting strangers to your fantasy in such a way that they don’t realize it. It’s like a creepy guy who rubs his dick on your coat when you’re bunched up together on the subway. He doesn’t care that you never know he did it, he gets off on you not realizing what he’s done.

    I will put $20 on it that there was never an incontinent 9 year old girl. What parent with an incontinent child puts her in a short dress with no shorts underneath? I call BS, BS most foul. If this guy wants to be an adult baby daddy, fine, but he can at least be honest about it. Don’t try and tug on someone’s heartstrings with a bullshit story of some pathetic little girl in order to get your rocks off and/or try to get someone to be your baby. It’s manipulative and wrong. Diaper Douche, indeed.

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  3. Jami says:

    Well shit in my diaper and call me stunned… He’s running with that shit right out of the gates, eh? He couldn’t have a fairly normal fetish…? Feet? Shit, I’d even take a LATEX fetish in an opener email over an infantilism fetish. Lawd.

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  4. Xyzzy says:

    I call bullshit (ha!) on the dude as well. I’ve known plenty of people (and, as a kid, children) that were incontinent one/both ways because of birth defects, which is implied if one is incontinent while awake. They usually wore adult incontinence shields, dressed appropriately, learned how to handle questions & toileting so it wouldn’t be a problem, so they weren’t shy. Also, kids used to be briefed by a teacher if a new student will join them that has some kind of impairment that might be noticed.

    A good tip-off that the guy either is lying or had a warped perspective even as a boy… When a kid cares about another kid, sticks up for them, spend time together, etc. they call the person their *friend* (or even best friend)! (What, do kids/people with health issues not have friends, just caregivers?) Plus, since they were 9, he should’ve been mentioning playing together, and (due to their age) being teased mostly about being “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”…

    Man, people like him are why I’m not on the market despite being single… Bad enough the last time I dated a guy and was asked to let him watch how I use the restroom with my disabilities…bleah!

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    • Tessie says:

      “Bad enough the last time I dated a guy and was asked to let him watch how I use the restroom with my disabilities…bleah!”

      I hope you’re kidding, but I suspect you’re not.
      It’s one thing for a small child to ask questions like, “how come your chair has wheels on it?”, etc. (although my mother would certainly have given me the stink-eye if I’d ever done it!), but someone old enough (but obviously not mature enough!) to date should know better.

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  5. David says:

    Oh wow.. Most likely not true, but even if it was true, well no wonder the girls not out there looking for you, you were nine and calling yourself her caregiver and shit, creepy

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  6. val says:

    It seems unlikely to me too that fetishes begin to manifest at age 9.

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  7. Canaduck says:

    Hey ladies, I’m looking for someone to play a humiliated and miserable 9 year old that I (supposedly) knew over a decade ago. All you have to do is piss yourself in your diapers while I comfort you/jerk off. Sometimes it helps if you cry a little.

    …ladies? Hello? Where’d everybody go?

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  8. Annie says:

    Erm this is creepy and was obviously written with an erection bumping the computer desk…..

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