Pet Names and Tribal Tattoos

23 Jan 2012 by Emily, 1 Comment »

I’m not a fan of the whole bulked up, vest top, tribal tats, shaved head and pretentious shades look on a guy. Maybe it does it for some girls, but it just doesn’t do it for me. To me, it screams out that the guy’s a moron, and men like this on Plentyoffish don’t really do much to dispel my theory.

Him: Beautiful xxx

Me: I don’t think we’re a match but good luck on here!

Him: Ok thank u princess x

2 days later…

Him: Baby bun it ant all about a profile match, it’s about knowing the person an on here loads of peeps lye about there profile an even have fake pics , hope u find your man because your Beautiful women x x

Me: So umm… what you’re saying is that I shouldn’t reject you based on your profile because you may have lied on it?

Him: No Sweety , I can’t say every thing about me , on my profile , there’s loads , wot I ment is that I’m a nice guy , that’s all :0)

Me: I’m still not interested, hope you find what you’re looking for.

Him: U2 x

A day later…

Him: Friends x

Me: No, not friends. Just nothing. Stop messaging me now please.

Him: Well stop looking at my profile then , just being nice that’s all , I block after u red this , I think your rude , end of !!!

And at this point he blocked me – probably for the best because I was about get all mad at him for clearly not having a clue how to use the site – I hadn’t looked at his profile since he first messaged me.

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  1. Tessie says:

    The angle of that pic makes it look like he has teensy-tiny little legs and feet.
    Not a good look for him.

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