Not Such a Clever Chap

8 May 2012 by Emily, 5 Comments »


Why are people like this on dating sites? Is there some twisted logic in here that would explain why someone would think being rude to someone will get them a date? Or is it really just as simple as high-school playground jibes, the boys tease the girls they actually like?

I should probably explain. On my profile, I’ve asked people not to message me just saying ‘What’s up’, due to me suddenly getting an overwhelming number of messages (about 20 a day) that just said: ‘Wassup’ ‘Wazzup’ ‘What’s up’ ‘Sup’ etc etc. They weren’t making for very interesting blog posts. On the other hand, people who hate my dismissiveness of ‘What’s up’ tend to make very interesting blog posts, as ‘cleverchap’ proved below:

what’s up fat person

Good luck on here.

Don’t need it seeing as how i’ve met too many wonderful women to constitute continuing to be here.
you don’t have a full body photo for a reason fatty. lower your standards and at least get a man willing
to tolerate you. That’s your luck.

all that make up and fake hair doesn’t scream self confidence. why would you expect a man to like
about you what you don’t like yourself?


now that I’ve sufficiently trounced your spirit fat hands would you like to go on a date?

Not interested. Good luck though, like I said.

You must be slow. If i’ve already found more than one individual why would i continue to need luck?
you’re the single ugly broad. You should save all your well wishes for yourself and I mean that in the
nicest way possible. :)

let me know if you change your mind weird brows.

Of course you do. Whatever helps you fap yourself to sleep at night. You can stop messaging me now :)

Technically you’re the one who should have never messaged me moron. I did this to prove a point.
We’ve had an entire conversation stemming from my initial message containing the words “what
up”. You’re more willing to give your time, attention, and efforts to man who clearly doesn’t like you
than one who does.

How many men who had a genuine interest in you messaged you something similar to “what up”
and go no response while we had this drawn out exchange. You’re a contradicting, hypocritical,
vapid moron.


As always, my not being interested in a man means I’m a hoe. Logic fail.

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  1. Reepicheep-chan says:

    Wait, what?

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  2. jaydenphoenix2 says:

    vapid moron, i do like that

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  3. John says:


    Clearly he’s someone who calls a spade a spade.

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  4. Tessie says:

    “Don’t need it seeing as how i’ve met too many wonderful women to constitute continuing to be here.”

    Is this the dating site version of, “I have a girlfriend. You don’t know her… she goes to another school”?

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  5. Wendy says:

    In Canada, Tess. She goes to school in Canada.

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