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Long, long ago in a land south of the Mason Dixon, there was a beautiful maiden. Her name was Jami and she was hopeful and happy. Then she dumped her loser-ass boyfriend and had to slink into the available pool of men that were also dating online.

She quickly  became disgruntled and needed an outlet. She started blogging about her experiences with grammatically challenged dick-sharers. She posted pictures of the mugshots that dudes were uploading on the personal ads. She sliced and diced them with her words, weaving webs of insults.

Eventually, her blog’s popularity grew. And grew. And grew. And after two years, Date Wrecks was receiving more submissions than Jami could handle.

Eventually, Jami outgrew her pissed-off cunty disposition and was drawn toward new creative projects, but the fans did not want to accept her resignation as their Lady of Snark. So, they put their heads together and with Jami’s blessing, started up yourwrecks.co.uk where now, the focus isn’t just on the kind of atrocities you find in online dating, but all relationships.

So, come. Join in… Share your horror stories with us. The snarkier the better.

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